How to get a good night's sleep ZZZzzzz

February 24, 2018


  • Establish a bedtime routine to train yourself for sleep and stick to it

  • Ensure you do some exercise during the day to get rid of excess energy

  • Give yourself an hour before sleep to wind down. Switch off all electronic devices

  • Have a caffeine free herbal drink or milky drink before bed

  • Make your bedroom clutter free, comfy an inviting, a relaxed haven.

  • Keep a notebook and pen by your bed where you can note down any worries

  • Set the ideal temperature for sleep 16-18 degrees centigrade

  • Have a relaxing candle light bath

  • Fill your room with soothing scent; lavender room diffuser or rub in some Jasmine essential in to your skin

  • Read a bedtime story.

  • Relax your body by doing a progressive muscle relaxation exercise or practise diaphragmatic breathing

  • Accept your worries and the key is to learn to let them go

  • Use the app to help you meditate, or use youtube to listen to a mindfulness video or listen to calm music or sounds

  • If you still can’t sleep after 15 minutes get up and do something else and try to go to bed again in a while.

What’s your secret to a good night’s sleep?



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